Located in Southport, Brunswick Town Florist is one of the Cape Fear's premier high-end florists, producing unique custom florals for almost 20 years. We have received overwhelming praise and awards for both our creations and service.


A visual artist and painter, with a background in film and theatre, Don melds his talents and lifelong love of flowers to create stunning natural and organic floral designs. Having been in this business for the past 15 years, he helps his clients take their designs to the next level and to set the stage – beautifully.


“My theater and fine arts background help me in knowing what is dramatic. As a painter and visual artist, floral design comes naturally; learning how not to kill the flowers…that took a bit longer to learn.”


“I like an organic, less structured sense of design and have looked for other artists to help me convey that sense. We always try to listen to what the client wants and then create within that framework”