10 Ways to Add Your Relationship Story into Your Big Day

Many people will begin to ask newly engaged couples, "What is your wedding theme?" or "What are your wedding colors?" If you have picked your theme already, then you love to talk about your wedding plans.

But if you are still trying to decide on the best way to incorporate the story of your relationship into your wedding day, then keep reading for some help...

First, consider how you want to reflect your personal style in your wedding theme or concept. What do you and your groom have in common? Think about your favorite restaurant, hobbies, or vacation spot. You can also ask your family and friends to share their thoughts. We know one couple who love to dance, so they designed their wedding around the disco era.

Now is the time to grab some pen and paper to start listing everything you and your fainceé have in common.

Once you have your list, start looking at how to incorporate those things into your wedding and reception. For example, do you both love to go to the beach? If so, you can plan a destination wedding at the beach or incorporate the colors of coral, blue or green into your wedding recepton.

What themes appeared on your list?

Now it is time to reflect on your relatinship. What flowers comprised the first bouquet that you ever recieved? Do you have a list of favorite songs that you all love to dance to? Where did you meet? You can add various aspects of your relationship history to your wedding theme.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started --

  1. Decorate your wedding aisle with photos of you and your groom from childhood. People love photographs. While your guests await your walk down the aisle, let them take a "walk down memory lane" by seeing pictures of you and your spouse adorning the chairs or pews on the inner aisle.

  1. At the wedding reception, serve your guests a signature cocktail that is your favorite beverage. This has been a popular trend for the past several years and people love it. Please note that it does not have to be an alcoholic drink. You can make it a tea or type of juice as well.

  2. Add photo charms to your wedding bouquet. Many brides often wish there are certain family members or friends that could attend their wedding. You can include them by adding their photos to your bouquet. It's a very cost effective way to make sure those people are still there... even if only in spirit.

  3. 4. Include pictures and introductions of the bridal party into your program. Your guests will enjoy learning who everyone is and how they are connected to you.

  4. 5. Share your love story by giving reception table numbers meaning. Tell people how many days it has been since you met or how many vacations that you have been on together by making creative table signs.

  5. 6. Make a video of you and your groom telling your love story. Share a short (2-5 minute) video of you and others talking about how you met or how you got engaged.

  1. Tell your story in writing on your wedding website. In recent years, thousands of couples have decided to keep family and friends updated on wedding plans via their own website or mobile app. The home or about us page would be the perfect place to tell people the history of your relationship.

  2. Give the outline of the important dates of your time together by adding them to a chalkboard placed at the entry to the wedding reception.

  3. We got the great idea of "personalized desserts" from Callie Kay at www.calliekaybeauty.com.You can have peach cobbler or your favorite ice cream instead of wedding cake. Doing something different with dessert can also be a cost effective option. If you and your sweetie love cheesecake, consider offering that instead of a traditional cake.

  4. Make a custom CD of your favorite love songs as a gift for all of your guests. To give this a personal touch, you can create a cd cover with your engagement picture. We know a few couples who have done this and their guests absolutely loved it.

You can share the story of your relationship very easily during your wedding. There are numerous ways to incorporate those specail details into your wedding theme. We hope these ideas have inspired your creativity and will help you design the wedding of your dreams.


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